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Bob Ross Instructor and Workshops in Hampshire - masterpiece | Bob Ross Products

Bob Ross Products

Bob Ross Materials are avaliable from 'Authors and Artists' in Fleet.

214 Fleet Road
GU51 4BY

Tel: 01252 623642

Mick and Carole run this fabulous art and craft store, where, apart from Bob Ross materials, they carry a range of Winsor and Newton artist Materials plus Needlework, Haberdasherry, Card making materials and memory albums. In fact you name it, they've got it and if they haven’t they’ll  do their best to get it for you. They also run an extensive workshop programme, where you can learn different crafts from the professionals.

Bob Ross Floral Painting Set

Bob Ross Floral Painting Set

This set contains all you need to paint several floral paintings. The box includes:

Bob Ross Landscape Master Paint Set

Bob Ross Landscape Painting Set

This set contains all you need to paint several paintings. The box includes;

Landscape Paints

The Bob Ross landscape paints are sold in 2 sizes 37ml and the larger 150cc. The colours avaliable are:

Floral Paints

Bob Ross Floral paints are available in the 37ml size only except Titanium White which is also available in the larger 150cc size.
The colours avaliable are:


Bob Ross brushes are split bore brushes (end of hair is split).
Never put your Bob Ross brushes in water as they are allergic to water. There is a complete range of brushes for Landscapes available. The floral brushes are avaliable on order.

Bob Ross Thinners

Bob Ross Odourless thinners are a must for any oil painter. After a few days of using the thinners, the paint sinks to the bottom of the bucket leaving clear thinners to use again and again. You will also need the beater racks to help you save your thinners and get your brushes dry.


Gesso is available in Black, White and Gray. This is an Acrylic paint, used to either cover the whole canvas, or part of the canvas. Once the gesso is dry you can paint over it with oil paint.

Apply with an old brush or a foam brush. Tip: Do not use your Bob Ross brushes for Gesso as you will ruin them.


Paint like Bob Ross (after coming to one of my workshops) using his "Joy of Painting" TV series books. Each book contains 13 paintings, hundreds of how-to photos and written instructions. The large 'Joy of' books each contain 60 paintings along with many photos and written directions. Ross-style florals with Annette Kowalski's "Joy of Painting Flowers" including 13 paintings, colour how-to's and easy instructions are also avaliable.

Videos / DVDs

The best way to learn to paint , apart from coming to my workshops of course...are videos and DVDs! The Bob Ross Three-Hour Workshop video is a big seller, a 'must have' for any painter. Also avaliable are one-hour Bob Ross videos (not seen on TV!), and Ross floral painting by Annette Kowalski.